Yay, you are looking to do a Boudoir Session!

You have come to the right place!

Hey there! Welcome To Hillary West Studios!

This is THE place to grow your confidence and create some amazing photos of you!

Whether you are doing this just for you or are looking for a gift for someone,

you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

I am so glad you inquired with me and want to learn more about this whole process!

I know that choosing a boudoir photographer is a big decision and you have options, so let me assure you that I will walk you through this process and help you every step of the way. It is so important to find a photographer that you are comfortable with.

If you have butterflies in your tummy but this has been on your bucket list for so long and you are feeling like you just want to go for it, but have so many questions and hesitations- don't worry! This is completely normal! Everyone is nervous!

Mission and Purpose

Boudoir clients come to me to grow their confidence, see themselves as the badass women they are, and even create gorgeous gifts for the love of their life!

My Mission & Purpose is to show women their beauty, both inside and out- to let them see what everyone sees in them!

I want you to leave the session feeling confident, gorgeous, like an absolute smokeshow! I want you to see that every story is worthy of love and acceptance- and everything you have lived through has brought out the very best in you!

Accepting who you are right now is the best way to live. This is where your beauty lives- in your confidence!

First things first- let me assure you of a few things:

#1. Many of my clients want to keep their images private, so no worries about that. The women on our site and brochures have allowed us to share their images so that YOU (people looking into a session) can visualize the experience. It is NEVER required for you to share.

#2. You get to choose the experience and what you show. Some of my clients are conservative and prefer to wear outfits for every set they choose. Some will choose implied nudity- so you are covered but giving the illusion you are naked (like the "in the sheets" set). Some want topless or nude images. But no matter what- you get to choose! It's your choice to choose your comfort level, always. I want you to be comfortable and photographed how you want!

Now that we have covered those BIG topics, Let’s dive in so that you know WHO I am, WHAT I believe, and if I am YOUR photographer!